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Kennedy wins Colorado Caucus vote for Democratic Governor- See how we voted!

DENVER, CO – SEPTEMBER 21: Cary Kennedy, former Colorado State Treasurer as well as a former Deputy Mayor and Chief Financial Officer of Denver, is a candidate for Governor of Colorado in the 2018 election on September 21, 2017 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by RJ Sangosti/The Denver Post)

Preliminary 2018 Colorado Caucus  results with 96.3% of precincts reporting:

Ginsburg: 400 (1.7%)
Johnston: 2049 (8.8%)
Kennedy: 11583 (50,0%)
Polis: 7537 (32.5%)
Underwood: 95 (0.4%)
Uncommitted: 1504 (6.5%)

 How Did Saguache County Vote?

Precinct 1 (Saguache) Kennedy, 14. Polis 5. Uncommitted 7.
Precinct 2 (Sargents) no caucus.
Precinct 3 (Crestone) Uncommitted, 5.
Precinct 4 (Moffat) Kennedy, 2. Johnston, 2.
Precinct 5 (Baca) Kennedy 16, Polis 12, Uncommitted 1.
Precinct 6 (Center West) Johnston, 5. Uncommitted, 4. Kennedy, 3.  Polis, 1.
Precinct 7 (Center East) Johnston, 8.
Candidate Totals
Kennedy- 35
Polis- 18
Uncommitted- 17
Johnston- 15
Delegates to State Assembly
Kennedy- 2
Polis- 1
Uncommitted- 1

All about what will happen at Caucus March 6th

Download and read all about what will happen at Caucus Tuesday Night, March 6th:

Election Information for 2018!

Gubernatorial candidates

Gubernatorial candidates who have notified the State Democratic Party of their intent to participate in the Caucus/Assembly Process are listed here.
Check out their policy positions before Caucus and be ready to cast your vote for your chosen candidate during the preference poll.
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Caucus/Assembly and Petitioning
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